itty-bitty [it-ee-bit-ee] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for itty-bitty on adjective Informal.

  1. very small; tiny.

Also it·sy-bit·sy [it-see-bit-see] /ˈɪt siˈbɪt si/. Origin of itty-bitty 1890–95; rhyming compound based on little bit; cf. -sy, -y1 Related Words for itsy-bitsy small, mini, insignificant, slight, teeny, miniature, microscopic, minuscule, puny, little, toy, wee, petite, diminutive, pocket, midget, baby, model, mite, Lilliputian Examples from the Web for itsy-bitsy Contemporary Examples of itsy-bitsy

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  • British Dictionary definitions for itsy-bitsy itsy-bitsy itty-bitty (ˈɪtɪˈbɪtɪ) adjective

    1. informal very small; tiny

    Word Origin for itsy-bitsy C20: baby talk alteration of little bit Word Origin and History for itsy-bitsy adj.

    “charmingly small,” 1890, from itty and/or bitsy. Bitsy-itsy is recorded from 1875.

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