Itúrbide [ee-toor-vee-th e] Examples noun

  1. A·gus·tín de [ah-goos-teen de] /ˌɑ gusˈtin dɛ/, 1783–1824, Mexican soldier and revolutionary: as Agustín I, emperor of Mexico 1822–23.

Examples from the Web for iturbide Historical Examples of iturbide

  • He signed a treaty with Iturbide virtually accepting the plan.

    A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year

    Edwin Emerson

  • Iturbide was the former of these; the latter, the ill-advised Maximilian.


    Susan Hale

  • But about this time he received a despatch from General Iturbide.

    The Queen of the Savannah

    Gustave Aimard

  • In 1822 the republic of 1821 was superseded by the imperial diadem of Iturbide.

    Thirty Years’ View (Vol. I of 2)

    Thomas Hart Benton

  • As to the search-lights, she can keep them on The Iturbide or on the other torpedera.

    The Harlequin Opal, Vol. 2 (of 3)

    Fergus Hume

  • British Dictionary definitions for iturbide Itúrbide noun

    1. Agustín de (aɣusˈtin de). 1783–1824, Mexican nationalist and emperor (1822–23). He was forced to abdicate and later executed

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