ixia [ik-see-uh] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. any of various southern African plants of the genus Ixia, of the iris family, having sword-shaped leaves and showy, ornamental flowers.

Origin of ixia New Latin (Linnaeus) Greek ixía birdlime, equivalent to ix(ós) mistletoe, birdlime (made with mistletoe berries) + -ia -ia Examples from the Web for ixia Historical Examples of ixia

  • They are grown like the Ixia, but are rather more tender, and do best if kept indoors in winter.

    The Book of Bulbs

    Samuel Arnott

  • IXIA crocata foliis ensiformibus, floribus secundis corolia basi hyalino-fenestratis.

    The Botanical Magazine, Vol. 6

    William Curtis

  • IXIA longiflora foliis ensiformibus linearibus strictis, tubo filiformi longissimo.

    The Botanical Magazine Vol. 8

    William Curtis

  • Professor de Vriese figures something of the same kind in Ixia carminosa.

    Vegetable Teratology

    Maxwell T. Masters

  • Ixia, a genus containing about twenty-five species of very free-flowering bulbs.

    The American Flower Garden Directory

    Thomas Hibbert

  • British Dictionary definitions for ixia ixia noun

    1. any plant of the iridaceous genus Ixia, of southern Africa, having showy ornamental funnel-shaped flowers

    Word Origin for ixia C18: New Latin from Greek ixos mistletoe, birdlime prepared from mistletoe berries

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