1. having ragged notches, points, or teeth; zigzag: the jagged edge of a saw; a jagged wound.
  2. having a harsh, rough, or uneven quality.


  1. a sharp projection on an edge or surface.

verb (used with object), jagged, jag·ging.

  1. to cut or slash, especially in points or pendants along the edge; form notches, teeth, or ragged points in.

verb (used without object), jagged, jag·ging.

  1. to move with a jerk; jog.


  1. having sharp projecting notches; ragged; serrate

verb jags, jagging or jagged

  1. (tr) to cut unevenly; make jagged
  2. Australian to catch (fish) by impaling them on an unbaited hook

noun, verb

  1. Scot an informal word for jab (def. 3), jab (def. 5)


  1. a jagged notch or projection

noun slang

    1. intoxication from drugs or alcohol
    2. a bout of drinking or drug taking
  1. a period of uncontrolled activitya crying jag


  1. informal a Jaguar car: often understood as a symbol of affluence

abbreviation for

  1. Judge Advocate General

mid-15c., from verb jaggen (c.1400) “to pierce, slash, cut; to notch or nick; cut or tear unevenly,” Scottish and northern English, of unknown origin. Originally of garments with regular “toothed” edges; meaning “with the edge irregularly cut” is from 1570s. Related: Jaggedly; jaggedness.


“period of unrestrained activity,” 1887, American English, perhaps via intermediate sense of “as much drink as a man can hold” (1670s), from earlier meaning “load of hay or wood” (1590s), of unknown origin. Used in U.S. colloquial speech from 1834 to mean “a quantity, a lot.”


“slash or rend in a garment,” c.1400, of unknown origin.

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