james bland

james bland


  1. James A(llen),1854–1911, U.S. songwriter and minstrel performer.


  1. devoid of any distinctive or stimulating characteristics; uninteresting; dullbland food
  2. gentle and agreeable; suave
  3. (of the weather) mild and soothing
  4. unemotional or unmoveda bland account of atrocities

1660s, from Italian blando “delicate,” or Old French bland “flattering, complimentary,” both from Latin blandus “smooth-talking, flattering, alluring,” perhaps from PIE *mlad-, nasalized variant of *meld-, extended form of root *mel- (see melt). Related: Blandly; blandness. Latin also had blandiloquentulus “flattering in speech,” which might have yielded a useful English *blandiloquent.

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