james madison

james madison

< /ˈdɒl i/, Dorothea Payne, 1768–1849, wife of James Madison.

  • James,1751–1836, 4th president of the U.S. 1809–17.
  • a city in and the capital of Wisconsin, in the S part.
  • a city in NE New Jersey.
  • a town in S Connecticut.
  • a city in SE Indiana.
  • a river in SW Montana and NW Wyoming, flowing N to join the Jefferson and Gallatin rivers and form the Missouri River. 183 miles (294 km) long.
  • a dance in which the participants stand side by side in a line while one person, acting as leader, calls out various steps, each letter of the word “Madison” signaling a specific step.
  • noun

    1. a type of cycle relay race


    1. a city in the US, in S central Wisconsin, on an isthmus between Lakes Mendota and Monona: the state capital. Pop: 218 432 (2003 est)


    1. James. 1751–1836, US statesman; 4th president of the US (1809–17). He helped to draft the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. His presidency was dominated by the War of 1812

    surname attested from early 15c., probably in many cases a variant of Mathieson “son of Matthew,” but in some cases perhaps “son of Maddy,” from the pet form of the fem. proper name Maud. The city in Wisconsin, U.S., was named 1836 for U.S. President James Madison, who had died that year. As the name of a popular dance of 1960, its signification is unknown; supposedly it originated in Baltimore.

    Capital of Wisconsin.

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