1. an act of joining; combining.
  2. the state of being joined; union.
  3. a place or point where two or more things are joined, as a seam or joint.
  4. a place or point where two or more things meet or converge.
  5. a place or station where railroad lines meet, cross, or diverge.
  6. an intersection of streets, highways, or roads.
  7. something that joins other things together: He used the device as a junction between the branch circuit and the main power lines.


  1. a place where several routes, lines, or roads meet, link, or cross each othera railway junction
  2. a point on a motorway where traffic may leave or join it
  3. electronics
    1. a contact between two different metals or other materialsa thermocouple junction
    2. a transition region between regions of differing electrical properties in a semiconductora p-n junction
  4. a connection between two or more conductors or sections of transmission lines
  5. the act of joining or the state of being joined

1711, “act of joining,” from Latin iunctionem (nominative iunctio), noun of action from past participle stem of iungere “to join together” (see jugular). Meaning “place where things meet” first attested 1836, American English, originally in reference to railroad tracks.


  1. The act or process of joining or the condition of being joined.
  2. A place where two things join or meet, especially a place where two things come together and one terminates.
  3. A transition layer or boundary between two different materials or between physically different regions in a single material.

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