K as a measure of capacity (especially in computer memory) or number (especially of salary), meaning “one thousand” is an abbreviation of kilo.

tenth letter of the Greek alphabet, from an Aramaized form of qoph; see K.


  1. The tenth letter of the Greek alphabet.


  1. Relating to or characterizing a polypeptide chain that is one of two types of light chains present in immunoglobins.

  1. Abbreviation of kelvin
  2. The symbol for potassium.


  1. A soft, highly reactive, silvery-white metallic element of the alkali group occurring in nature only in compounds. It is essential for the growth of plants and is used especially in fertilizers and soaps. Atomic number 19; atomic weight 39.098; melting point 63.65°C; boiling point 774°C; specific gravity 0.862; valence 1. See Periodic Table.

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