K2 [key-too] Word Origin noun

  1. Also called God·win Aus·ten [god-win aw-stin] /ˈgɒd wɪn ˈɔ stɪn/, Dap·sang [duh p-suhng] /dəpˈsʌŋ/. a mountain in N Kashmir, in the Karakoram range: second highest peak in the world. 28,250 feet (8611 meters).


  1. the proprietary name of a brand of synthetic cannabis compound.

Origin of K2 1856 for def 1, so named by Thomas Montgomerie (1830–78), English surveyor, for the mountain’s being the second highest in the Karakoram range; 2010for def 2 British Dictionary definitions for godwin-austen Godwin-Austen noun

  1. another name for K2

K2 noun

  1. a mountain in the Karakoram Range on the Kashmir-Xinjiang border: the second highest mountain in the world. Height: 8611 m (28 250 ft)Also called: Godwin-Austen, Dapsang

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