1. Anthony M.born 1936, U.S. jurist, Supreme Court justice 1988–.
  2. Edward MooreTed, 1932–2009 U.S. politician: senator from Massachusetts 1962–2009.
  3. John Fitzgerald,1917–63, thirty-fifth president of the U.S. 1961–63.
  4. Joseph Patrick,1888–1969, U.S. financier and diplomat (father of Edward Moore, John Fitzgerald, and Robert Francis).
  5. Robert Francis,1925–68, U.S. political leader and government official: attorney general 1961–64; senator from New York 1965–68.
  6. William,born 1928, U.S. novelist.
  7. Cape, former name (1963–73) of Cape Canaveral.
  8. John F., International Airport. John F. Kennedy International Airport.
  9. Mount, a mountain in the SW Yukon Territory, Canada, in the St. Elias Range. 13,904 feet (4238 meters).


  1. Cape Kennedy a former name (1963–73) of (Cape) Canaveral


  1. Charles Peter. born 1959, British politician, leader of the Liberal Democrats (1999–2006)
  2. Edward (Moore), known as Ted . 1932–2009, US Democrat politician; senator 1962–2009
  3. his brother, John (Fitzgerald), known as JFK. 1917–63, US Democrat statesman; 35th president of the US (1961–63), the first Roman Catholic and the youngest man ever to be president. He demanded the withdrawal of Soviet missiles from Cuba (1962) and prepared civil rights reforms; assassinated
  4. Nigel (Paul). born 1956, British violinist, noted for his flamboyant style
  5. Robert (Francis), known as Bobby, brother of John Kennedy. 1925–68, US Democrat statesman; attorney general (1961–64) and senator for New York (1965–68); assassinated

Irish surname, said to be from Old Irish cinneide “ugly head.”

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