1. a long-handled utensil with a cup-shaped bowl for dipping or conveying liquids.
  2. Metallurgy. a bucketlike, refractory-lined container for transferring molten metal.

verb (used with object), la·dled, la·dling.

  1. to dip or convey with or as if with a ladle: to ladle soup into bowls.


  1. a long-handled spoon having a deep bowl for serving or transferring liquidsa soup ladle
  2. a large bucket-shaped container for transferring molten metal


  1. (tr) to lift or serve out with or as if with a ladle

n.“large, long-handled spoon for drawing liquids,” Old English hlædel “ladle,” from hladan “to load” (see lade) + -le, suffix expressing “appliance, tool” (cf. shovel, handle, thimble). The verb is first recorded 1520s, from the noun. Related: Ladled; ladling.

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