noun British Obsolete.

  1. a special annual or semiannual court in which the lords of certain manors had jurisdiction over local disputes.
  2. the area over which this jurisdiction extended, including the manor itself and, sometimes, nearby counties or shires.


  1. Digital Technology. leetspeak.

noun Digital Technology.

  1. a coded spelling system and language used in very informal communications on the Internet, featuring letters combined with numbers or special characters in place of letters that they may resemble, and including inventive misspellings, jargon, and slang.
  2. the spelling conventions and jargon of this system and language.

noun English history

  1. Also called: court-leet a special kind of manorial court that some lords were entitled to hold
  2. the jurisdiction of this court


  1. Scot a list of candidates for an office


  1. short for leetspeak


  1. impassioned about and highly skilled in the field of advanced computer programming


  1. a jargon used by some internet groups, in which standard English is translated into a mixture of letters, numerals, and symbols found on a computer keyboardAlso called: 1337

2by 1997, ASCII alternative alphabet used mostly in Internet chat, derived from elite, and sometimes the word is used in that sense (e.g. in online gaming). 1in reference to special court proceedings, late 13c., from Anglo-French lete, Anglo-Latin leta, of unknown origin; OED suggests possible connection to let (v.).

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