1. Aeronautics, Rocketry.
    1. the action of an aircraft in becoming airborne or of a rocket in rising from its launching site under its own power.
    2. the instant when such action occurs.
  2. Informal. the launching or commencement of a project, plan, etc.: The liftoff of the sales campaign will be next month.


  1. that removes by lifting off; capable of being lifted off: a liftoff correction tape for typewriters; magnetized, liftoff nameplates.


  1. the initial movement or ascent of a rocket from its launch pad
  2. the instant at which this occurs

verb lift off

  1. (intr, adverb) (of a rocket) to leave its launch pad

n.also lift-off, “vertical take-off of a rocket, etc.,” 1956, American English, from lift (v.) + off.

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