line drawing

line drawing

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  1. a drawing done exclusively in line, providing gradations in tone entirely through variations in width and density.

Origin of line drawing First recorded in 1890–95 Related Words for line drawing delineation, drawing, illustration, picture, sketch Examples from the Web for line drawing Contemporary Examples of line drawing

  • Political science research on redistricting has confirmed that control of the line-drawing process does yield some benefits.

    Don’t Overestimate Gerrymandering

    Justin Green

    February 18, 2013

  • Historical Examples of line drawing

  • Sometimes, though incorrectly, applied to a line-drawing in pen and ink.

    The New Gresham Encyclopedia


  • The one colour was used as a ground with the high lights cut away; the other block, for the ordinary convention of line-drawing.

    English Illustration ‘The Sixties’: 1855-70

    Gleeson White

  • It is somewhat difficult to exemplify this by a line-drawing, though it is easy to do so with an actual example.

    Armour & Weapons

    Charles John Ffoulkes

  • They reproduce, or almost reproduce, the color-charm of the early broadsides; and they show a marked improvement in line-drawing.

    Exotics and Retrospectives

    Lafcadio Hearn

  • British Dictionary definitions for line drawing line drawing noun

    1. a drawing made with lines only, gradations in tone being provided by the spacing and thickness of the lines

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