linkman noun plural -men

  1. a presenter of a television or radio programme, esp a sports transmission, consisting of a number of outside broadcasts from different locations
  2. another word for linkboy

Examples from the Web for linkman Historical Examples of linkman

  • Nevertheless, he put his hand in his pocket and gave the linkman half-a-crown.


    G. J. Whyte-Melville

  • I found my linkman leaning against a post and laughing heartily.

    The Yeoman Adventurer

    George W. Gough

  • The linkman at sight of him stopped an instant, then marched on.

    The Prince of India, Volume II

    Lew. Wallace

  • Coachman at Door (to Linkman, as Mr. B. goes down the steps).

    Voces Populi

    F. Anstey

  • I expected, I think, to see the dreaded figure of the linkman.

    Uncle Silas

    J. S. LeFanu

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