lintwhite [lint-hwahyt, -wahyt] Word Origin noun Chiefly Scot.

  1. the linnet, Carduelis cannabina.

Origin of lintwhite before 900; lint (syncopated variant of linnet) + white; replacing Middle English lynkwhytte, alteration (perhaps by association with link hill (see links) and whit) of Old English līnetwige linnet, literally, flax (or flax-field) trouble-maker, so called because the bird pecks out and eats flaxseed, equivalent to līnet- (Medieval Latin līnētum flax-field) + -wige, feminine of wiga fighter British Dictionary definitions for lintwhite lintwhite noun

  1. archaic, or poetic, mainly Scot the linnet

Word Origin for lintwhite Old English līnetwige, probably from līn flax + -twige, perhaps related to Old High German zwigon to pluck

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