linty [lin-tee] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for linty on adjective, lint·i·er, lint·i·est.

  1. full of or covered with lint: This blue suit gets linty quickly.
  2. like lint: linty bits on his coat.

Origin of linty First recorded in 1600–10; lint + -y1 Related Words for linty creamy, gossamer, feathery, silky, hairy, furry, downy, fleecy, flocculent, pile, featherlike, flossy, linty, velutinous, frizzy, woolly, pilate Examples from the Web for linty Historical Examples of linty

  • But to gae back to the Linty and the Hippopotamus, resumed Kilmarkeckle.

    The Entail

    John Galt

  • Above his uniform of linty gray, Paul’s face was pale and without expression.


    Sinclair Lewis

  • No need to go with muddy boots, though, or linty, or have your bow upside down.

    The William Henry Letters

    Abby Morton Diaz

  • Avoid the use of linty old cloths, because the thread and lint clog the traps and drains.

    Foods and Household Management

    Helen Kinne

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