lipoid [lip-oid, lahy-poid] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. Also lip·oi·dal. fatty; resembling fat.


  1. a fat or fatlike substance, as lecithin or wax.
  2. lipid.

Origin of lipoid First recorded in 1875–80; lip- + -oid Examples from the Web for lipoid Historical Examples of lipoid

  • The result was a condition almost exactly like pneumonia, called “lipoid pneumonia.”

    The Wailing Octopus

    Harold Leland Goodwin

  • In the cases of Aschoff and Koch no abnormality was noted except an almost constant increase in lipoid content.

    Scurvy Past and Present

    Alfred Fabian Hess

  • A lipoid suspension to release it slowly into the bloodstream and give the irritation time to subside.

    The Syndic

    C.M. Kornbluth

  • The absence from the latter organs shows that the lipoid solubility does not obtain in the body.

    The Propaganda for Reform in Proprietary Medicines, Vol. 2 of 2


  • In refractory cases benefit has followed the subcutaneous injection of lipoid solution containing tin.

    Manual of Surgery

    Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles

  • British Dictionary definitions for lipoid lipoid adjective Also: lipoidal

    1. resembling fat; fatty


    1. a fatlike substance, such as wax
    2. biochem a former name for lipid

    lipoid in Medicine lipoid [lĭp′oid′, lī′poid′] adj.

    1. Resembling fat; adipoid.


    1. Lipid. No longer in technical use.

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