liquid storax

liquid storax

liquid storax noun

  1. See under storax(def 2).

storax [stawr-aks, stohr-] noun

  1. a solid resin with a vanillalike odor, obtained from a small tree, Styrax officinalis: formerly used in medicine and perfumery.
  2. a liquid balsam (liquid storax) obtained from species of liquidambar, especially from the wood and inner bark of Liquidambar orientalis (Levant storax), a tree of Asia Minor: used chiefly in medicine and perfumery.
  3. any shrub or tree of the genus Styrax, of the storax family, having elongated clusters of showy, white flowers.

Origin of storax 1350–1400; Middle English Latin, variant of styrax Greek stýrax British Dictionary definitions for liquid storax storax noun

  1. any of numerous styracaceous trees or shrubs of the genus Styrax, of tropical and subtropical regions, having drooping showy white flowers
  2. a vanilla-scented solid resin obtained from one of these trees, Styrax officinalis of the Mediterranean region and SW Asia, formerly used as incense and in perfumery and medicine
  3. a liquid aromatic balsam obtained from liquidambar trees, esp Liquidambar orientalis of SW Asia, and used in perfumery and medicine

Word Origin for storax C14: via Late Latin from Greek, variant of styrax

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