lisle thread

lisle thread

lisle thread ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a fine, high-twisted and hard-twisted cotton thread, at least two-ply, used for hosiery, gloves, etc.

Origin of lisle thread First recorded in 1850–55 Also called lisle. Examples from the Web for lisle thread Historical Examples of lisle thread

  • I couldn’t buy a pair of lisle-thread gloves that were not made in Germany.

    The Scrap Book, Volume 1, No. 1


  • The Lisle-thread gloves will last as long as the kid, and will be much better on the whole, because they will wash.

    A New Atmosphere

    Gail Hamilton

  • Lisle-thread gloves in midsummer, thick gloves in midwinter, are more comfortable for street wear than kid ones.

    Our Deportment

    John H. Young

  • As he took her proffered hand, he raised the lisle-thread fingers to his lips with old-fashioned gallantry.

    Openings in the Old Trail

    Bret Harte

  • It may be natural in mothers, whether they wear fur or feathers or lisle-thread stockings—but it worries me.

    The Prairie Child

    Arthur Stringer

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