little egret

little egret

little egret noun

  1. See under egret(def 1).

egret [ee-grit, eg-rit, ee-gret, ee-gret] noun

  1. any of several usually white herons that grow long, graceful plumes during the breeding season, as Egretta garzetta (little egret), of the Old World.
  2. aigrette.

Origin of egret 1400–50; late Middle English egret(e) Anglo-French egret (compare Middle French égreste, aigrette), alteration (with -on exchanged for -et -et) of dialectal Old French aigron Germanic; see heron British Dictionary definitions for little egret egret noun

  1. any of various wading birds of the genera Egretta, Hydranassa, etc, that are similar to herons but usually have a white plumage and, in the breeding season, long feathery plumes: family Ardeidae, order CiconiiformesSee also aigrette

Word Origin for egret C15: from Old French aigrette, from Old Provençal aigreta, from aigron heron, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German heigaro heron Word Origin and History for little egret egret n.

mid-14c., from Old French aigrette, from Old Provençal aigreta, diminutive of aigron “heron,” perhaps of Germanic origin (cf. Old High German heigaro; see heron).

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