Llyr [hleer] Examples noun Welsh Legend.

  1. the father of Manawydan: corresponds to the Irish Ler.

Examples from the Web for llyr Historical Examples of llyr

  • Greed it was that made Llyr to plunder the Lordships of Rhaint.

    Star of Mercia

    Blanche Devereux

  • Llyr’s prison was that of Eurosswyd,343 whose wife he may have abducted and hence suffered imprisonment.

    The Religion of the Ancient Celts

    J. A. MacCulloch

  • Bendigeid Vran, the son of Llyr, was the crowned king of this island, and he was exalted from the crown of London.

    The Mabinogion

    Lady Charlotte Guest

  • Calan hyddvrev, tymp dydd yn edwi, Cynhwrv yn ebyr, llyr yn llenwi.

    Y Gododin


  • Al. “The successful (llwyddawg) bitter-handed, high-minded chief;” who may have been Llyr lluyddawg.

    Y Gododin


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