mamoncillo [mah-muh n-see-oh; Spanish mah-mawn-see-yaw] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural ma·mon·cil·los [mah-muh n-see-ohz; Spanish mah-mawn-see-yaws] /ˌmɑ mənˈsi oʊz; Spanish ˌmɑ mɔnˈsi yɔs/.

  1. the genip, Melicoccus bijugatus.

Origin of mamoncillo American Spanish, diminutive of mamón, of uncertain origin Examples from the Web for mamoncillo Historical Examples of mamoncillo

  • The Mamoncillo is another beautiful forest tree indigenous to Cuba, that spreads out like a giant live-oak or mammoth apple tree.

    The History of Cuba, vol. 5

    Willis Fletcher Johnson

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