man-sized or man-size [man-sahyzd] ExamplesWord Origin adjective Informal.

  1. large; big; generous: a man-sized sandwich.
  2. formidable: a man-sized undertaking.

Origin of man-sized First recorded in 1910–15 Examples from the Web for man-sized Historical Examples of man-sized

  • He thought himself into a man-sized headache and found no answers.

    Voyage To Eternity

    Milton Lesser

  • “This promises to be a man-sized blizzard,” Louise observed uneasily.

    Ghost Beyond the Gate

    Mildred A. Wirt

  • If you had a man-sized trouble, there might be some excuse for you.

    Contemporary One-Act Plays

    Sir James M. Barrie

  • You’ve showed you’re man-sized several ways since you been in The Corner.

    Gunman’s Reckoning

    Max Brand

  • The man-sized drink, taken on a totally empty stomach, almost nauseated him.

    On Secret Service

    William Nelson Taft

  • British Dictionary definitions for man-sized man-sized adjective

    1. of a size appropriate for or convenient for a man
    2. informal big; large

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