mandi noun

  1. (in India) a big market

Word Origin for mandi Hindi Examples from the Web for mandi Contemporary Examples of mandi

  • After struggling with anorexia and drug use in her 20s, Mandi Babkes embarked on an all-raw, vegan diet.

    When Veganism Is an Eating Disorder

    Danielle Friedman

    July 22, 2010

  • Historical Examples of mandi

  • “A hora (penny) would have been dosta (enough) for mandi” (me).

    The Gypsy’s Parson

    George Hall

  • But it is primarily to Datto Mandi and the presidente that the people of Zamboanga should be grateful.

    A Woman’s Journey through the Philippines

    Florence Kimball Russel

  • “Kali says that Piang mysteriously disappeared about noon to-day,” explained Mandi in excellent English.

    The Adventures of Piang the Moro Jungle Boy

    Florence Partello Stuart

  • The men of Mandi carried little axes in their belts, and with these the serpent cable was cut and uncoiled.

    The Three Sapphires

    W. A. Fraser

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