manège or ma·nege [ma-nezh, -neyzh] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. the art of training and riding horses.
  2. the action, movements, or paces of a trained horse.
  3. a school for training horses and teaching horsemanship.

Origin of manège 1635–45; French Italian maneggio; see manage Examples from the Web for manege Historical Examples of manege

  • As he was leaving the Manege one of these bullies grossly insulted him.


    Rafael Sabatini

  • The broad doors flew open, and the manege was soon filled with knights and ladies on foot and horseback.

    A Word Only A Word, Complete

    Georg Ebers

  • We are like horses in a manege, or oxen or dogs taught to draw the plough, or be harnessed to a carriage.

    Thoughts on Man

    William Godwin

  • He possessed great personal strength, was expert in all manly exercises, and shone especially at the jousts and the manege.

    Windsor Castle

    William Harrison Ainsworth

  • British Dictionary definitions for manege manège manege noun

    1. the art of training horses and ridersCompare dressage
    2. a riding school

    Word Origin for manège C17: via French from Italian maneggio, from maneggiare to manage Word Origin and History for manege n.

    1640s, “riding school;” 1776, “horsemanship, movements proper to a trained horse,” from French manège, from Italian maneggio, from maneggiare “to control (a horse),” (see manage (v.)).

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