manioc [man-ee-ok, mey-nee-] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. cassava.

Origin of manioc 1560–70; Tupi man(d)ioca; replacing manihot Middle French Guarani man(d)io Examples from the Web for manioc Historical Examples of manioc

  • The roots of the yucca, or manioc plant, grow in bunches like potatoes.

    The Forest Exiles

    Mayne Reid

  • In a single night they devastate a field of cotton, manioc, or sugar-cane.

    The Insect

    Jules Michelet

  • When her manioc pudding is taken from the fire it is snowy white.

    Mpuke, Our Little African Cousin

    Mary Hazelton Wade

  • It would make at least a tasty morsel for each, with their manioc bread.

    Fetichism in West Africa

    Robert Hamill Nassau

  • She was carrying a bundle of manioc root on her head, and walked gracefully.

    Sanders of the River

    Edgar Wallace

  • British Dictionary definitions for manioc manioc manioca (ˌmænɪˈəʊkə) noun

    1. another name for cassava (def. 1)

    Word Origin for manioc C16: from Tupi mandioca; earlier form manihot from French, from Guarani mandio Word Origin and History for manioc n.

    1560s, from Tupi manioch, mandioca, name for the root of the cassava plant.

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