marchioness [mahr-shuh-nis, mahr-shuh-nes] ExamplesWord Origin noun British.

  1. marquise(defs 1, 2).

Origin of marchioness 1770–80; Medieval Latin marchiōnissa, equivalent to marchiōn- (stem of marchiō) marquis + -issa -ess Usage note See -ess. Examples from the Web for marchioness Historical Examples of marchioness

  • As this marriage was null and void, there was no Marchioness of Morella.

    Fair Margaret

    H. Rider Haggard

  • Their Majesties would notice also that it was in favour of the Marchioness of Morella.

    Fair Margaret

    H. Rider Haggard

  • Don’t talk back to me: my daughter will be a marchioness in spite of everyone.

    The Middle Class Gentleman


  • They were opposed by the Marchioness of Salisbury, whom the Tories brought forward.

    Beaux and Belles of England

    Mary Robinson

  • Amelia is so massive and square; if the girl’s so small she’d look like ‘the Marchioness.’

    Jan and Her Job

    L. Allen Harker

  • British Dictionary definitions for marchioness marchioness noun

    1. the wife or widow of a marquis
    2. a woman who holds the rank of marquis

    Word Origin for marchioness C16: from Medieval Latin marchionissa, feminine of marchiō marquis Word Origin and History for marchioness n.

    16c., from Medieval Latin marchionissa, fem. of marchio “marquis,” from marca (see marquis (n.)).

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