marchpane [mahrch-peyn] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. marzipan.

Origin of marchpane 1485–95; French, dialectal variant of massepain, marcepain Italian marzapane, orig. sugar-candy box, perhaps Arabic mawthabān a seated king Examples from the Web for marchpane Historical Examples of marchpane

  • She’s the young limb o’ mischief for whom I ravaged your stores of marchpane.

    My Friend Prospero

    Henry Harland

  • If your Marchpane be Oyly in beating, then put to it as much Rose-water as will make it almost as thin as to ice.

    A Queens Delight


  • With a nod to a couple of Archbishops Lady Marchpane led the way to a little gallery whither the crowd had not penetrated.

    Once a Week

    Alan Alexander Milne

  • I am no fonder of scandal than you are, but if you do not meet my wishes I shall certainly confess the truth to Marchpane.

    Once a Week

    Alan Alexander Milne

  • “See thou to the marchpane, Kat,” remarked she to Mistress Katherine, as she went to receive her guest.

    Mistress Margery

    Emily Sarah Holt

  • British Dictionary definitions for marchpane marchpane noun

    1. an archaic word for marzipan (def. 1)

    Word Origin for marchpane C15: from French

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