Marcian [mahr-shuh n] Examples noun

  1. a.d. 392?–457, emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire 450–457.

Also Mar·ci·a·nus [mahr-shee-ey-nuh s, mahr-see‐] /ˌmɑr ʃiˈeɪ nəs, ˌmɑr si‐/. Examples from the Web for marcian Historical Examples of marcian

  • According to Marcian the distance between these points was 4250 stadia.

    The Geography of Strabo, Volume III (of 3)


  • Marcian fell at his feet, and denied that he had worn any such raiment.

    The Lives of the Saints, Volume 1 (of 16)

    Sabine Baring-Gould

  • At the same time he spared no pains in adding to the Marcian collection.

    Renaissance in Italy, Volume 2 (of 7)

    John Addington Symonds

  • Then I thought of the descriptions of heaven in Boethius and Marcian.

    Chaucer’s Works, Volume 3 (of 7)

    Geoffrey Chaucer

  • And somewhere or other among them Marcian, quite neglected, was sleeping.

    History of the Wars, Books III and IV (of 8)


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