maremma [muh-rem-uh] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural ma·rem·me [muh-rem-ee] /məˈrɛm i/.

  1. a marshy region near the seashore, especially in Italy.
  2. the miasma associated with such a region.

Origin of maremma 1825–35; Italian Latin maritima, feminine of maritimus maritime Examples from the Web for maremma Historical Examples of maremma

  • But for the road, the carriage, it might have been in the Maremma for utter loneliness and freshness.

    The Spirit of Rome

    Vernon Lee

  • She could not look like the woman in Maremma, who had been a vagrant and a gipsy.

    A Rainy June and Other Stories


  • And they had no Maremma to separate them from this garden of theirs.

    Modern Painters, Volume V (of 5)

    John Ruskin

  • Every one knows the route; over the Maremma, between the sea and the mountains.

    Ruskin Relics

    W. G. Collingwood

  • If the Maremma is as malarial as it is famed, it does not look it.

    Roman Holidays and Others

    W. D. Howells

  • British Dictionary definitions for maremma maremma noun plural -me (-miː)

    1. a marshy unhealthy region near the shore, esp in Italy

    Word Origin for maremma C19: from Italian, from Latin maritima maritime

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