Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette [muh-ree an-twuh-net, an-tuh-; French ma-ree ahn-twa-net] Examples noun

  1. Joséphe Jeanne Marie Antoinette, 1755–93, queen of France 1774–93: wife of Louis XVI; executed in the French Revolution (daughter of Maria Theresa; sister of Joseph II, Leopold II).

Antoinette [an-twuh-net, -tuh-; French ahn-twa-net] noun

  1. Ma·rie [muh-ree; French ma-ree] /məˈri; French maˈri/, 1755–93, queen of France 1774–93: wife of Louis XVI.
  2. a female given name: derived from Antoine

Examples from the Web for marie antoinette Historical Examples of marie antoinette

  • For all, too, that he was a god-son of Marie-Antoinette, he had no love for France.

    The Magnificent Montez

    Horace Wyndham

  • Marie-Antoinette passed that way and was subjected to that cruel scrutiny.

    Historic Paris

    Jetta S. Wolff

  • Marie-Antoinette was among the great ladies who danced there.

    Historic Paris

    Jetta S. Wolff

  • The existence of Marie-Antoinette is problematical; that of Antigone is certain.

    Very Woman

    Remy de Gourmont

  • The old lady still used the cane with the short hook that all women carried in the early days of Marie-Antoinette.


    Honore de Balzac

  • British Dictionary definitions for marie antoinette Marie Antoinette noun

    1. 1755–93, queen of France (1774–93) by marriage to Louis XVI of France. Her opposition to reform during the Revolution contributed to the overthrow of the monarchy; guillotined

    Antoinette noun

    1. See Marie Antoinette

    Word Origin and History for marie antoinette Marie Antoinette

    queen consort of Louis XVI (1755-1793); as a decorative style, from 1925.

    marie antoinette in Culture Marie Antoinette [(muh-ree an-twuh-net, an-tuh-net)]

    A French queen, born in Austria, who was beheaded on the guillotine during the French Revolution. Her husband, King Louis XVI, was also beheaded.

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