measured [mezh-erd] ExamplesWord Origin adjective

  1. ascertained or apportioned by measure: The race was over the course of a measured mile.
  2. accurately regulated or proportioned.
  3. regular or uniform, as in movement; rhythmical: to walk with measured strides.
  4. deliberate and restrained; careful; carefully weighed or considered: measured language; measured terms.
  5. in the form of meter or verse; metrical.

Origin of measured Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at measure, -ed2 Related formsmeas·ured·ly, adverbmeas·ured·ness, nounwell-meas·ured, adjective Examples from the Web for well-measured Historical Examples of well-measured

  • Harry, whose tuneful and well-measured notes First taught our English music how to span Words with just note and accent.


    John F. Runciman

  • Every line is the expression of a calm, determined purpose, buoyant in its own well-measured, well-disciplined confidence.

    Life in a Railway Factory

    Alfred Williams

  • The banished Exilarch Ukba frequently met him, and greeted and praised him in well-measured Arabic verses.

    History of the Jews, Vol. III (of 6)

    Heinrich Graetz

  • British Dictionary definitions for well-measured measured adjective

    1. determined by measurement
    2. slow, stately, or leisurely
    3. carefully considered; deliberate

    Derived Formsmeasuredly, adverbmeasuredness, noun Word Origin and History for well-measured measured adj.

    late 14c., “deliberate, restrained,” adjective from past participle of measure (v.). Meaning “uniform, regular” is from c.1400.

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