noun (used with a singular or plural verb) Physiology.

  1. the periodic flow of blood and mucosal tissue from the uterus; menstrual flow.


  1. propriety; discretion.

verb (used with object), mensed, mens·ing.

  1. to adorn; bring honor to; grace.

noun, plural men’s.

  1. a range of sizes in even and odd numbers for garments made for men.
  2. a garment in this size range.
  3. the department or section of a store where these garments are sold.

noun plural menses

  1. another name for menstruation
  2. the period of time, usually from three to five days, during which menstruation occurs
  3. the matter discharged during menstruation

n.“monthly discharge of blood from the uterus,” 1590s, from Latin menses, plural of mensis “month” (see moon (n.)). n.

  1. The monthly flow of blood and cellular debris from the uterus that begins at puberty and ceases at menopause.catamenia emmenia menstrual period

  1. See menstruation.

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