noun Physics.

  1. neper.


  1. Sir Charles James,1782–1853, British general.
  2. Also Neper. John,1550–1617, Scottish mathematician: inventor of logarithms.
  3. Robert Cornelis [kawr-nee-lis] /kɔrˈni lɪs/, 1st Baron Napier of Magdala, 1810–90, English field marshal.
  4. former name of Napier-Hastings.


  1. a port in New Zealand, on E North Island on Hawke Bay: wool trade centre. Pop: 56 100 (2004 est)


  1. Sir Charles James. 1782–1853, British general and colonial administrator: conquered Sind (1843): governor of Sind (1843–47)
  2. John. 1550–1617, Scottish mathematician: invented logarithms and pioneered the decimal notation used today
  3. Robert (Cornelis), 1st Baron Napier of Magdala. 1810–90, British field marshal, who commanded in India during the Sikh Wars (1845, 1848–49) and the Indian Mutiny (1857–59). He captured Magdala (1868) while rescuing British diplomats from Ethiopia

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