noun, plural na·so·pha·ryn·ges [ney-zoh-fuhrin-jeez] /ˌneɪ zoʊ fəˈrɪn dʒiz/, na·so·phar·ynx·es. Anatomy.

  1. the part of the pharynx behind and above the soft palate, directly continuous with the nasal passages.Compare oropharynx(def 2).

noun plural -pharynges (-fəˈrɪndʒiːz) or -pharynxes

  1. the part of the pharynx situated above and behind the soft palate

n.1877, from naso-, comb. form of Latin nasus “nose” (see nose (n.)) + pharynx. n.

  1. The part of the pharynx above the soft palate that is continuous with the nasal passages.epipharynx

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