nat turner


  1. Frederick Jackson,1861–1932, U.S. historian.
  2. Joseph Mal·lord William, [mal-erd] /ˈmæl ərd/, 1775–1851, English painter.
  3. Joseph VernonBig Joe, 1911–85, U.S. jazz and blues singer.
  4. Nat,1800–31, American black slave leader: led uprising of slaves in Southampton County, Virginia, 1831.


  1. Jane . born 1961, Australian television actress and writer, best known for playing ‘Kath’ in the comedy series Kath & Kim (2002–2007)
  2. J (oseph) M (allord) W (illiam). 1775–1851, British landscape painter; a master of water colours. He sought to convey atmosphere by means of an innovative use of colour and gradations of light
  3. Nat . 1800–31, US rebel slave, who led (1831) Turner’s Insurrection, the only major slave revolt in US history: executed
  4. Robert Edward III, known as Ted. born 1938, US broadcasting executive and yachtsman; chairman of Turner Broadcasting (1970–96), founder of Cable News Network (1980), and vice-chairman of Time Warner (1996–2003)
  5. Tina, real name Annie Mae Bullock . born 1940, US rock singer who performed (1958–75) with her then husband Ike Turner (1931–2007) and later as a solo act. Her recordings include “River Deep, Mountain High” (1966) and “Simply the Best” (1991)


  1. a person or thing that turns, esp a person who operates a lathe
  2. US a member of a society of gymnasts

n.c.1400, agent noun from turn (v.).

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