Symbol, Chemistry.

  1. neon.

  1. Nebraska (approved especially for use with zip code).
  2. northeast.
  3. northeastern.

  1. variant of neo- especially before a vowel: neencephalon.

  1. northeast.
  2. northeastern.

  1. naval engineer.
  2. New England.
  3. northeast.
  4. northeastern.


  1. the highest point; acme.
  2. the most intense degree of a quality or state.

the internet domain name for

  1. Niger

the chemical symbol for

  1. neon

symbol for

  1. northeast(ern)

abbreviation for

  1. Nebraska

abbreviation for

  1. New England

combining form

  1. a variant of neo-, esp used before a vowelNearctic


  1. the extreme or perfect point or state

“utmost limit to which one can go,” Latin, literally “no more beyond;” the motto traditionally inscribed on the Pillars of Hercules.

  1. The symbol for the elementneon

  1. The symbol for neon.


  1. A rare colorless element in the noble gas group that occurs naturally in extremely small amounts in the atmosphere. It glows reddish orange when electricity passes through it, as in a tube in an electric neon light. Neon is also used for refrigeration. Atomic number 10; atomic weight 20.180; melting point -248.67°C; boiling point -245.95°C. See Periodic Table.

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