noun Scot.

  1. a bill or beak, as of a bird.
  2. the nose, especially of an animal.
  3. the tip or pointed end of anything.
  4. the nib of a pen.
  5. Obsolete. a person’s mouth.

  1. Nebraska.

noun archaic, or dialect

  1. mainly Scot and Northern English the peak of a cap
  2. the beak of a bird or the nose or snout of an animal
  3. a person’s mouth or nose
  4. the projecting part or end of anything
    1. a peak, esp in N England
    2. a prominent gritstone overhang

abbreviation for

  1. New English Bible
  2. (the former) National Enterprise Board

n.“beak or bill of a bird,” Old English nebb “beak, nose; face, countenance; beak-shaped thing,” common Germanic (cf. Old Norse nef “beak, nose,” Middle Dutch nebbe “beak,” Old High German snabul, German Schnabel “beak,” Old Frisian snavel “mouth”), of uncertain origin.

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