verb (used without object), nes·tled, nes·tling.

  1. to lie close and snug, like a bird in a nest; snuggle or cuddle.
  2. to lie or be located in a sheltered spot; be naturally or pleasantly situated: a cottage nestling in a pine grove.
  3. Archaic.
    1. to make or have a nest.
    2. to make one’s home; settle in a home.

verb (used with object), nes·tled, nes·tling.

  1. to settle or ensconce snugly: He nestled himself into the hay for a short nap.
  2. to put or press confidingly or affectionately: She nestled her head on his shoulder.
  3. to provide with or settle in a nest, as a bird.


  1. (intr; often foll by up or down) to snuggle, settle, or cuddle closely
  2. (intr) to be in a sheltered or protected position; lie snugly
  3. (tr) to shelter or place snugly or partly concealed, as in a nest

v.Old English nestlian “build a nest,” from nest (see nest (n.)). Figurative sense of “settle (oneself) comfortably, snuggle” is first recorded 1540s. Related: Nestled; nestling.

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