1. Grammar.
    1. (in certain inflected languages, as Sanskrit, Latin, and Russian) noting a case having as its function the indication of the subject of a finite verb, as in Latin Nauta bonus est “The sailor is good,” with nauta “sailor” in the nominative case.
    2. similar to such a case in function or meaning.
  2. nominated; appointed by nomination.
  3. made out in a person’s name, as a certificate or security.

noun Grammar.

  1. the nominative case.
  2. a word in the nominative case.
  3. a form or construction of similar function or meaning.


  1. grammar denoting a case of nouns and pronouns in inflected languages that is used esp to identify the subject of a finite verbSee also subjective (def. 6)
  2. appointed rather than elected to a position, office, etc
  3. bearing the name of a person


  1. grammar
    1. the nominative case
    2. a word or speech element in the nominative case

adj.late 14c., “pertaining to the grammatical case dealing with the subject of a verb,” from Old French nominatif, from Latin nominativus “pertaining to naming,” from nominatus, past participle of nominare (see nominate). As a noun from 1620s.

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