1. of, relating to, or composed of distinct particles.


  1. a separate and distinct particle.
  2. a material composed of such particles.
  3. particulates,
    1. the aggregate of such particles, especially as produced by one source: tests to analyze diesel particulates.
    2. Meteorology.solid or liquid particles suspended in the atmosphere, especially pollutants.


  1. a substance consisting of separate particles


  1. of or made up of separate particles
  2. genetics of, relating to, or designating inheritance of characteristics, esp with emphasis on the role of genes

adj.1871, from Modern Latin particulatus, from particula (see particle). As a noun from 1960. Related: Particulates. adj.

  1. Of or occurring in the form of fine particles.


  1. A particulate substance.


  1. Formed of very small, separate particles. Dust and soot are forms of particulate matter.


  1. A very small particle, as of dust or soot. Particulates that are given off by the burning of oil, gasoline, and other fuels can remain suspended in the atmosphere for long periods, where they are a major component of air pollution and smog.
  2. A substance or suspension composed of such particles, such as sand or smoke.

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