adjective Also scho·las·ti·cal.

  1. of or relating to schools, scholars, or education: scholastic attainments.
  2. of or relating to secondary education or schools: a scholastic meet.
  3. pedantic.
  4. of or relating to the medieval schoolmen.


  1. (sometimes initial capital letter) a schoolman, a disciple of the schoolmen, or an adherent of scholasticism.
  2. a pedantic person.
  3. Roman Catholic Church. a student in a scholasticate.


  1. of, relating to, or befitting schools, scholars, or education
  2. pedantic or precise
  3. (often capital) characteristic of or relating to the medieval Schoolmen


  1. a student or pupil
  2. a person who is given to quibbling or logical subtleties; pedant
  3. (often capital) a disciple or adherent of scholasticism; Schoolman
    1. a Jesuit student who is undergoing a period of probation prior to commencing his theological studies
    2. the status and position of such a student
  4. a formalist in art

adj.1590s, “of or pertaining to Scholastic theologians” (Churchmen in the Middle Ages whose theology and philosophy was based on Church Fathers and Aristotle), from Middle French scholastique (14c.), from Latin scholasticus “of a school,” from Greek skholastikos “enjoying leisure; devoting one’s leisure to learning,” hence, as a noun, “a scholar,” also in a bad sense, “a pedant; a simpleton,” from skhola (see school (n.1)). In English, meaning “pertaining to schools or to school education” is from 1640s. As a noun from 1640s. Related: Scholastical (1530s in the “relating to a school” sense); scholastically.

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