verb (used with object), nor·mal·ized, nor·mal·iz·ing.

  1. to make normal.
  2. to establish or resume (relations) in a normal manner, as between countries.
  3. Metallurgy. to heat (a steel alloy) to a suitable temperature above the transformation range and then to cool in still air at ambient temperature.

verb (used without object), nor·mal·ized, nor·mal·iz·ing.

  1. to become normal; resume a normal state: Prices soon normalized after the war.


  1. the act or process of normalizing
  2. social welfare the policy of offering mentally or physically handicapped people patterns, conditions, and experiences of everyday life as close as possible to those of nonhandicapped people, by not segregating them physically, socially, and administratively from the rest of society

verb (tr)

  1. to bring or make into the normal state
  2. to bring into conformity with a standard
  3. to heat (steel) above a critical temperature and allow it to cool in air to relieve internal stresses; anneal

n.1882, from normalize + -ation. International political sense recorded from 1938. v.1865, from normal + -ize. Related: Normalized; normalizing.

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