1. neper; nepers.

Symbol, Chemistry.

  1. neptunium.

  1. noun phrase.
  2. nurse-practitioner.

  1. net proceeds.
  2. new paragraph.
  3. nisi prius.
  4. no pagination.
  5. no place of publication.
  6. no protest.
  7. notary public.

  1. new paragraph.
  2. nisi prius.
  3. no protest.
  4. notary public.

abbreviation for

  1. printing new paragraph
  2. law nisi prius
  3. no place of publication

the internet domain name for

  1. Nepal

symbol for

  1. neper

the chemical symbol for

  1. neptunium

abbreviation for

  1. neuropsychiatric
  2. neuropsychiatry
  3. Also: np Notary Public
  4. noun phrase

  1. The symbol for the elementneptunium


  1. nurse practitioner
  2. neuropsychiatry

  1. The symbol for neptunium.


  1. A silvery, radioactive metallic element of the actinide series. It occurs naturally in minute amounts in uranium ores and is produced artificially as a byproduct of plutonium production. Its longest-lived isotope is Np 237 with a half-life of 2.1 million years. Atomic number 93. See Periodic Table.

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