nymphalid [nim-fuh-lid] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae, comprising the brush-footed butterflies.


  1. belonging or pertaining to the family Nymphalidae.

Origin of nymphalid 1890–95; New Latin Nymphalidae name of family, equivalent to Nymphāl(is) name of genus (Latin nymph(a) nymph + -ālis -al1) + -idae -id2 Examples from the Web for nymphalid Historical Examples of nymphalid

  • No less than sixty-two genera are counted today in the family of diurnal butterflies known as the Nymphalid.

    On Germinal Selection as a Source of Definite Variation

    August Weismann

  • The family of Nymphalid is the sub-typical group of the diurnal Lepidoptera, forming our tribe Papiliones.

    Zoological Illustrations, or Original Figures and Descriptions. Volume III, Second Series

    William Swainson

  • British Dictionary definitions for nymphalid nymphalid noun

    1. any butterfly of the family Nymphalidae, typically having brightly coloured wings: includes the fritillaries, tortoiseshells, red admirals, and peacock


    1. of, relating to, or belonging to the Nymphalidae

    Word Origin for nymphalid C19: from New Latin, from Nymphālis genus name, from Latin; see nymph

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