1. a river in the W Russian Federation in Asia, flowing NW to the Gulf of Ob. 2500 miles (4025 km) long.
  2. Gulf of, an inlet of the Arctic Ocean. About 500 miles (800 km) long.

  1. observation.
  2. observatory.
  3. obsolete.

abbreviation for

  1. obsolete


  1. a river in N central Russia, formed at Bisk by the confluence of the Biya and Katun Rivers and flowing generally north to the Gulf of Ob (an inlet of the Arctic Ocean): one of the largest rivers in the world, with a drainage basin of about 2 930 000 sq km (1 131 000 sq miles). Length: 3682 km (2287 miles)

abbreviation for British

  1. Old Boy
  2. outside broadcast


  1. organic brain syndrome


  1. obstetrics

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