1. of, relating to, or applying optics or the principles of optics.
  2. constructed to assist sight or to correct defects in vision.
  3. of or relating to sight or vision; visual.
  4. of or relating to the eye.
  5. of or relating to an optician or opticians or to their products, especially eyeglasses: an optical service.
  6. dealing with or skilled in optics.


  1. opticals. optical effects.

plural noun Movies, Television.

  1. special visual effects, as the wipe or dissolve, created in the camera or especially in a film laboratory by technicians using complex optical and electronic equipment.


  1. of, relating to, producing, or involving light
  2. of or relating to the eye or to the sense of sight; optic
  3. (esp of a lens) aiding vision or correcting a visual disorder

adj.1560s, from optic + -al (1). Of abstract art, from 1964. Related: Optically.

  1. Relating to vision or the eyes.
  2. Relating to optics.
  3. Relating to or using visible light.

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