outside of

outside of


  1. the outer side, surface, or part; exterior: The outside of the house needs painting.
  2. the external aspect or appearance.
  3. the space without or beyond an enclosure, institution, boundary, etc.: a prisoner about to resume life on the outside.
  4. a position away or farther away from the inside or center: The horse on the outside finished second.
  5. an outside passenger or place on a coach or other vehicle.
  6. Northern Canada and Alaska. (sometimes initial capital letter) the settled or more populous part of Canada or the U.S.


  1. being, acting, done, or originating beyond an enclosure, boundary, etc.: outside noises; news from the outside world.
  2. situated on or pertaining to the outside; exterior; external: an outside television antenna.
  3. situated away from the inside or center; farther or farthest away from the inside or center: the outside lane.
  4. not belonging to or connected with a specified institution, society, etc.: outside influences; outside help.
  5. extremely unlikely or remote: an outside chance for recovery.
  6. extreme or maximum: an outside estimate.
  7. being in addition to one’s regular work or duties: an outside job.
  8. working on or assigned to the outside, as of a place or organization: an outside man to care for the grounds.
  9. Baseball. (of a pitched ball) passing, but not going over, home plate on the side opposite the batter: The fastball was high and outside.


  1. on or to the outside, exterior, or space without: Take the dog outside.
  2. in or to an area that is removed from or beyond a given place or region: The country’s inhabitants seldom travel outside.


  1. on or toward the outside of: There was a noise outside the door.
  2. beyond the confines or borders of: visitors from outside the country.
  3. with the exception of; aside from: She has no interests outside her work.


  1. at the outside, at the utmost limit; at the maximum: There weren’t more than ten at the outside.
  2. outside of, other than; exclusive of; excepting: Outside of us, no one else came to the party.

preposition (ˌaʊtˈsaɪd)

  1. (sometimes foll by of) on or to the exterior ofoutside the house
  2. beyond the limits ofoutside human comprehension
  3. apart from; other thanno-one knows outside you and me

adjective (ˈaʊtˌsaɪd)

  1. (prenominal) situated on the exterioran outside lavatory
  2. remote; unlikelyan outside chance
  3. not a member of
  4. the greatest possible or probable (prices, odds, etc)
  5. (of a road lane, esp in a dual carriageway or motorway) situated nearer or nearest to the central reservation, for use by faster or overtaking vehicles

adverb (ˌaʊtˈsaɪd)

  1. outside a specified thing or place; out of doors
  2. slang not in prison

noun (ˈaʊtˈsaɪd)

  1. the external side or surfacethe outside of the garage
  2. the external appearance or aspect
  3. the exterior or outer part of something
  4. (of a path, pavement, etc) the side nearest the road or away from a wall or building
  5. sport an outside player, as in football
  6. (plural) the outer sheets of a ream of paper
  7. Canadian (in the north) the settled parts of Canada
  8. at the outside informal at the most or at the greatest extenttwo days at the outside
  9. outside in another term for inside outSee inside (def. 5)

n.c.1500, “outer side,” from out + side (n.). The adjective is attested from 1630s; the preposition from 1826; the adverb from 1813. Phrase outside of “with exception of” is from 1859. Except for, aside from, as in Outside of a little lipstick, she wore no makeup. [Colloquial; mid-1800s] In addition to the idiom beginning with outside

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