1. uttered or expressed with frankness or without reserve: outspoken criticism.
  2. free or unreserved in speech.


  1. past participle of outspeak.

verb (used with object), out·spoke, out·spo·ken, out·speak·ing.

  1. to outdo or excel in speaking.
  2. to utter frankly or boldly: to outspeak one’s grievances.

verb (used without object), out·spoke, out·spo·ken, out·speak·ing.

  1. to speak out: to outspeak in defense of one’s beliefs.


  1. candid or bold in speech
  2. said or expressed with candour or boldness

adj.“given to speaking freely,” 1808, originally Scottish, from out (adv.) + spoken. “The pa. pple. has here a resultant force, as in ‘well spoken’, ‘well read’.” [OED]. Related: Outspokenly; outspokenness.

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